Replacing the controls that are not  made anymore by the supplier (such as control for dampening, inking or registers). Improving the paper waste and the productivity by adding new options and new control desks.


  • Developed, designed and built in Europe
  • Our PLC’s have been in the printing industry for 10 years
  • No more downtime for the press
  • Increase of the benefits by reducing the paper waste
  • No production disturbance during installation
  • New control desk
  • User friendly interface
  • Cost efficient


We are proud to announce that this system was successfully installed and is used daily on a press printing more than 1,000,000 newspapers every day.

User interface:


  • Touch screen as large as the paper width together with a desk without push buttons
  • Works the same as the previous control desk but on a touch screen
  • Different types of view (cylinder, page broadsheet or tabloid)
  • Ink screw pre-setting, learning the press defaults day by day
  • Jobs are recorded as well as events of the productions
  • Curves settings, dampening parameters, and more…
  • Automatic pagination
  • Electrical drawings, user manual


  • Created by printers for printers
  • All functions are intuitive
  • No mistakes on page selection
  • Easy to customize
  • No push buttons to replace on the desk
  • Fast and effective user interface with multi-selection
  • Modern design
  • All languages available 
  • Reactive remote control of the press 


  • A European team makes the installation
  • In the beginning, our system is installed next to the existing one. During this time, it’s possible to switch from the old system to the new system in a very short time. No risks are taken.
  • The press will make the productions as usual. No down time is required.
  • The customer team will be trained on the new system


Commercial details

  • In order to reduce the cost impact, it’s possible to equip only a part of the machine and then you can use the old modules as spare parts for the rest of the press
  • It is possible to make a test on a tower or a level of tower. This way you can see the system running in production before buying it.
  • The warranty is 36 months
  • Spare parts are included in the package
  • System installed in Sing Tao newspaper in Hong Kong on U70 and U45, a visit is possible if you are interested.