An ecological path as well as a financial benefit is a win-win situation!

Paper is an important factor of financial lost for every printing shop. The target of this study is to record your paper waste, prioritize actions and reduce your paper waste. The final result of this intervention is a substantial financial benefit.

Except for a few hours of training, the planning of printers is not disturbed. Graphitest is also writing down all documents used for the paper waste reduction 

During a period of time, a routine will be installed to help the operators get used to new habits designed to reduce your paper waste. The team leaders will be involved in this study to make sure the improvements will go on even after the departure of Graphitest

Example of action plan for the start-up waste made at a customer place following the first visit on site:



  • What is the value of the paper
  • Pre-setting of the press and the environment
  • Use of the start-up and stop sequences
  • Use of the ink keys pre-setting
  • Use of the blanket cleaning during production



  • Creation and organisation of corporate documents
  • Maintenance routine dedicated to paper waste
  • Sorting white and printed paper
  • Set up pre-print run



  • Installation of the tools for the team leaders to monitor operators actions



Start-up in stop sequences

  • Reduction of the make ready speed
  • Sequences optimisation



  • Set up a pre-setting routine
  • Fixing the problem of ink keys pre-setting


Ink and water curves

  • Optimisation of curves
  • Set up a manual pre-inking


Technical problems during start-ups

  • Solve the crating paper waste problems during start-ups


Reduction of the paper waste during production:


  • Monitoring the delivery quality problems



  • Reduction of risk of damage roll



  • Roll protection



  • Reduction of left over after splice
  • Splice preparation



  • Study of the paper brakes
  • Study of machine stops